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Sydney day trip

I am so tired. Damn tired. Sakit-sakit badan. Been driving all around Sydney yesterday and drove half way back to Canberra. Last minute for all of this. But it is all worth it. 🙂

The journey started a bit late than expected. Few funny incidents happened yesterday’s morning when they wanted to rent the car. :-). Had our breakfast in Kingston before we proceed our journey to Sydney. Didn’t get to eat at Silo Cafe. The queue was so long and they asked us to wait about 45 mins for seating only! Crazy. Who wants to wait for that long especially when you have another plans which cannot wait? So we decided to eat at another cafe along the sidewalk. Not that bad actually but the selections are limited. I only had cappucino and passion fruit brulee.  Zaza and Inaz had big breakfast: smoked salmon, toasted bread and eggs benedict. I don’t like smoked salmon. Only fresh cooked salmon. :-).  Shaz had grilled mushroom, rockets and feta on toasted bread. Sara had brulee same with me with different flavour: Berry. 3 of them had enormous portion of breakfast. I knew that Sara and I will get hungry sooner. hehe. Whatever. We can munch-munch later on. 🙂

First stop, DFO homebush y’all! Shopping! hehe. We arrived there around 1.30pm and spent about two and half hours there. They wanted to buy something to wear to Lady Gaga’s concert but ended up buying nothing. Haha. I bought few dresses and shirts at Pumpkin Patch outlet for my nieces and my coming niece. hehe. Next month my family will add up another one family member, insyaAllah. 🙂 I love shopping baby clothing and kids stuff. Can’t wait to have one of my own one day. I also bought 2 t-shirts for myself at Roxy outlet and something special at B&T. *wink* *wink* =D

Then we went to Bondi Beach! I brought my extra clothes but decided not to swim. hehe. Malas la pulak. Only Zaza and Shaz had fun in the water. I don’t know how to swim and not keen to any activities that involved water actually. So, I took lots of pictures and just enjoyed the breathtaking view. SubhanAllah. Allah is so great. Cantiknya bumi ciptaan Tuhan. Nice weather and org pun tak berapa ramai. Langit cerah. Burung-burung berterbangan. cewah. Feeling  a bit weird because I am wearing hijab in a half naked place. haha. I also performed my Jamak Zohor and Asar on the beach. Beautiful sand. Warm breeze. Things are nearly perfect. Wish I had my beloved ones here to share all the moment with me.

First time had fried Mars Bar. The batter is quite nice. It is just that it is too sweet for me.  Oozing and melting chocolate with crispy batter. Nice. 🙂

Next stop: Dinner! We skipped our lunch. I was so hungry that I cannot thinking straight anymore. hahaha. yela, only had brulee for breakfast. At first we thought of getting something to eat on the beach but all of us so excited, terus tukar baju and duduk-duduk enjoying the moment while the other two sibuk mandi manda. The sand is so fine, I am having trouble to get from one place to another. Penat and susahnya jalan atas pasir. Kaki tenggelam2 je. So malas nak jalan ke darat dari pantai. haha. We went to Thai Singha at Coogee beach. Halal Thai food. Not bad. Dah lapar, semua telan je. Tapi semua food agak suam-suam je. Don’t know why padahal we ordered ala-carte. The price is ok.

Lepas makan baru semua orang ada tenaga nak bercakap especially Sara. hehe. I drove to the city for karaoke session. hehe. Cari parking sampai dah dekat 10 kali tawaf. I hate to drive in Sydney! At last dapat jugak cuma kena jalan agak jauh. Kaki dah naik cramp asyik tekan minyak and break. 1 hour karaoke then had supper at Passion flower cafe. Yummy desserts! Tapi sebab agak kenyang lagi so just makan waffle which is ok la. Tak bole lawan waffle A&W. hehe. Nearly 1.30am baru gerak ke Canberra. Reached here nearly Subuh. Penat! But I had a great time! 🙂


crazy friends, crazy life!

Last few days, Zaza, Inaz, Shaz, Sara and I went to Mt. Ainslie here in Canberra to see night view from the hill top. Never been there. The view is spectacular. We spent most of our time taking pictures. Those girls are crazy! Had so much laughter with them with all the jokes and teasing. I think we blend quite well with each other attitudes. Zaza is the craziest among all I think. haha. Without a driving licence, Zaza drove us there! Luckily there was no police doing road block or something. lol.

On our way back, we went to McDonalds for supper. Well, no choice. That is the only place open 24hours in Canberra. Had Oreo McFlurry and Apple pie. I missed Malaysia so much! where we have lots of restaurants and cafes open 24/7.

I think that is one of the reason why they are planning to go to Sydney tomorrow! hehe. bored with the food and other choices in Canberra I guess. and I am going with them. Can’t wait!

Work wise, a bit slow. I just don’t know what to do right know. The path seems blurry. Oh, I bought 3 novels when I went to Borders yesterday. I’m not a book addict but feels like doing something out of the norm. Ended up with 3 good selections: Eat, pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, The time traveler’s wife by Audrey Niffenegger and Lost in Translation by Nicole Mones. All of them are bestseller novels. I hope I can get different view and enhance my mood in reading academic stuff later. 🙂

Watched Zaza practiced her basketball just now. Feels like playing along but I think I am not fit enough for that sport. Yesterday I tried Frisbee and it was fun! It is just that with all the boys (my junior pun semua!) I feel a bit shy. hehe. Segan. And I don’t know few persons. So I hardly get the chanced to throw the frisbee. Might try again next time with more girls.

I can’t wait to play futsal too. I don’t know. Seems like I want to play all sports this semester. Maybe I dont get the chance to do so when I was in school. I know I need to get the adrenalin pump up all the time for me to be able to stay sane in this situation. Where pressure and tension always on my way. I want to stay fit and healthy too. Oh, the best part is I lost 1kg since I started playing badminton last few weeks. Awesome isn’t it? 🙂

My great weekend

Saturday: Skyfire Picnic at Lake Burley Griffin. Yearly event. The fireworks are synchronized to the music by local radio station- 104.7FM. Superb! I made some kuih Melayu: Seri muka, Badak Berendam and Popiah. Had a great time with my adik-adik. Our group dalam 9 orang mcm tu. Oh, Zaza and Inaz made egg sandwich. Sebelum pergi dah melantak makan sandwich. haha. Lautan manusia memenuhi kawasan lake.

Si Zaza bawak tripod, tapi tertinggal swivel head for tripod! Dan yang lagi sedih, boleh lupa bawak lens yang lagi satu! so, I ended up lent her my camera because to be honest, I am still struggling with the camera setting and don’t know how to take good pic pun. hehe. My nikon lens can go for up to 105mm. Not that bad la eh.

Solat maghrib di celah-celah pokok. Dah few times buat keje mcm ni kat sini sebab susah nak cari musolla. Dulu kat snowy mountain, sejuk gile semayang atas snow! pastu masa jalan2 kat  Melbourne and Sydney. hehe. Negara orang kan. Yang penting, bawak sejadah dan kompas. Alhamdullilah aku bawak benda-benda tu at least semua orang bole share. I just wondering kalau aku tak bawak, diorang akan lepaskan maghrib begitu sajakah? Jamak or qada? Rasa mcm teringin nak beli buku yang Izuddin cakap tu. Fiqh Luar Negara. Sebab banyak ilmu yang tak tau pasal bab agama. Betul Islam tu mudah, tapi bila kita buat dia mudah sangat untuk capai matlamat dan tujuan sendiri, kadang2 jadi salah. Aku pun tak la alim mana cuma nak jadi muslim yang lebih baik.

Ahad: MASCA Sports and Game 2010. Masuk Badminton tournament. Tidak meletak harapan tinggi sebab tahu kelebihan diri. Lawan dengan Juara last year masa saringan dan boleh main 1 game je. Jadi tidak fight langsung la kan. Tak bole redeemed kekalahan first game. Tapi aku tetap happy sebab dapat main badminton! Main pun suka2. Masuk single and double -partner dengan Zaza. Ptg tu kepenatan, dah ketiduran. Malam baru berhempas pulas siapkan poster untuk submit the next day.

Tahun ni aku masuk pertandingan Research Fest. Submit research note dan poster. Selama ni tak pernah nak ambil kisah. Jadi dah final year, harap dapat menyumbangkan sesuatu. Data dah ada. Tinggal nak olah je. Mungkinkah boleh menang? hehe. hadiah wang tunai tu. :p

Work! Work! Work!

Did my labwork this morning. Dissecting the glands. “my Favorite” job among all.haha. I think I made a new record for this as I dissecting 10 glands in less than one hour! hehe. Cycled back to Unilodge at 12.25pm to deliver all nasi lemak order that I made this morning. Hurrily went back to office an hour later after lunch and Zohor prayer just to know that I cannot do the other experiment that I already set last wednesday! My mistakes. :-(. Paul told me that I should planned my experiments and consult him first before doing anything. Ok, i thought I just want to be independent. To prove to him that I can do this by myself after discussing it with him last week. But that is not enough. Sejak bila pulak???? He needs me to give him all the details. hard copy! Aiyoh! I am running out of time and I don’t want to wait any longer. That is why I did the HPLC experiments and at the same time set the animals to starving stage so that I can do the serotonin incubation experiments at the same time. But being him who is always be there for me whenever I did my lab, I think he doesnt like the idea of me doing this on my own. Maybe he doesnt want me to make mistakes. Ok la. Just do it next week with me hand in my experiments draft. If that will make him happy. Maybe because this is the new experiment that I never done before, that is why he is a bit sceptical.

Practiced badminton again with Zaza today. One on one. Really exhausted. Tomorrow I’ve got lots of plans. I bet my weekend will be great! 🙂

Keep fit!

Hari ni sangat penat! Dari siang td smp ke malam tak berhenti. Kaki pun macam nak tercabut. Menaip pun sambil baring ni. hahaha. Siang tadi ada demonstrating Human Physiology lab. Of Course la berdiri selama 3 jam setengah, round2 meja student. Balik tu prepare barang2 nak masak nasik lemak besok. 20 order. Alhamdulillah. Ayam seme dah siap rempah, tinggal goreng je besok pagi sambil masak nasi. Kul 8 tadi main badminton dengan Zaza. Booked court sejam tapi main sampai sejam setengah! haha. mmg tak perasan masa sebab court badminton yg kami booked tuh seme orang datang main. Team lain bertukar2 orang, kitaorg ni mantain je dua orang. Patut la mcm nak separuh nyawa tadi. haha. tapi kagum jugak la dengan diri sendiri sebab bole main lama mcm tuh. stamina mcm dah ada semula. apa taknya. sejak duduk unilodge ni seme berjalan kaki. pi city beli groceries memasak semua. kdg2 beg penuh berkilo2 ayam, beras, minyak etc. blom kira beg jinjit lagi. memang aku rasa pasni akan berketul2 muscle sebab selalu angkat berat. haha. Tournament hari ahad ni. haha. praktisnya baru sekali. ala, saja suka2 masuk. tak menang pun takpe, janji dapat main.

Tgh hari tadi ada department lunch. Makan grilled salmon, cous cous dan salad. First time makan cous cous. Not bad jgk la rasa dia kan. Aku belasah vegetarian food byk td. Roti dgn mcm2 jenis dip. Hummus, carrot and avocado. Giler aa sedapppp! Roti dia tuh sedap tak ingat. ala2 roti perancis. kenyal2 lembut. kulit garing2 sket. perghh!

Besok ada lab. Memikirkan kena dissect insect, jadi lemah. hahaha. confirm berpinar mata tgk microscope berjam2. Kena siapkan jugak draft poster ni. Byknya keje. cita-cita tinggi nak masuk reserach fest. due date rabu depan. haha. semangat ni. nak hantar poster and research note. mana la tau kot bole menang hadiah. hehehe. weekend ni penuh lak jadual. Skyfire la, perjumpaan dgn MSD la, badminton tournament la. Gambatte!!!!!:-)

of trust and love

I spent my weekend with my dear sister in law, Husna in Sydney. Visited her new called ‘home’. She just started her degree of accountancy in University of New South Wales last month. So, as a good sister, it is part of my duty to make sure she is ok with her new place and surroundings.  She stayed at a homestay of Indonesian family. They were nice. I met most of her housemates and we had a great chat together. 16 peoples live in that house including the owner. An old Indonesian couple, Tante Laila and Om Rasyid. Big house with a big heart! 🙂

Had long and deep conversation with my dear sister and somehow I can feel the connection between us. I mean in more trusted way. The trust that made her spilled out her ‘skeleton in the closet ‘ as I shared my concerned, experienced and grief. I think we should not being judged by our past and mistakes. Mana ada manusia yang tak pernah buat silap. I think by doing mistakes, it will give us more experience for survival in the future. How our curiosity somehow will taught us great lessons of life. It is true that one of my friend said, being here in the foreign country we must try to learn 3 major things: academics, life survival and religion. Regrets will only make us sinked in grief. We should try take things positively and used the experience wisely. Having said that,  I just hope that she is wise enough to deal with life here. Know which is bad and good. Yang penting, menjaga nama baik keluarga dan tau batas-batas agama.

For two days we went for a sight seeing and shopped around. Enjoyed food together especially sushi! hehe. I’m glad that I spent the weekend with her. Helped her to buy her bike and winter clothings. I love shopping!!! Her new bike nearly AUD600. Excellent condition. Nice bike to have. Well, her place to uni is a bit hilly so she needs bike with gear and all. For 3 years, it is a good investment I guess.

She will be coming to Canberra to visit me soon during Easter break. Can’t wait to meet her again. Sayang diknun!:-)

kaki nak tanggal dah ni

Ok, sgt penat. tapi nak update jgk. Hari ni masak nasi goreng ayam 6 round. utk 45 org makan. Penat!! tapi sangat seronok bila semua enjoy makan. Buat kek pisang dan bread butter pudding juga. Besok kul 7 pagi dah nak ke Sydney naik bas. Harap2nya bangun la. huhuhu. ok, nak rehat. Bye!